Welcome to our website! Here at Craftybara we are passionate about making durable chalk bags, backpacks and accessories from recycled materials.


Our story began in 2015, when Manja and I (Nuša) got really into climbing. We went off one day to buy our own chalkbags. I wanted something cute, unique, possibly recycled, durable and local. It didn’t exist, so we made our own bags (which are all of the above, even if we do say this ourselves).


Later that year Manja’s friend (an Ultimate player and coach) asked us if we could design a backpack for her. She was sad that there were no simple backpacks for her to take to practice. Well now there are!
People loved them, so we have since extended the line. Now there are urban variations as well.


Check out our key chains – that’s where we recycle the smallest cuts of fabric. We also plan to introduce recycled notebooks very soon so watch out for them and get them while they’re hot!


All of our products are made out of recycled materials. They are mainly fashioned out of old trousers, jackets, scraps of fabric and sheets. We only use parts of old clothes that are still in excellent shape, so our products are durable and look brand new.
Our logo patches are made out of Kraft-Tex, which is a type of eco-friendly vegan leather.


Our online shop is on Etsy for the time being, as our programming skills aren’t up to creating our own online store.