How we Recycle Trousers

If you were wondering why our slogan is ‘Turning Trousers into Treasure’, wonder no more. We prepared an illustrated chart of how we reuse old trousers. We strive to use as much of the material as possible.


Firstly,  we inspect the fabric for any tears, signs of heavy use and stains. We make a note not to include those parts in our products.


We cut the trousers in half and remove the belt/pocket part. It is used in making of our URBAN CHALKBAG line. We then cut each of the trouser legs in half to end up with two large pieces of fabric.










We bring out our stencils. Our backpacks are made out of 2 main pieces. Sometimes the material of one leg will be enough for each piece, but that is usually not the case. When the pieces are too narrow, we have to recombine them and sew them together to make a bigger piece that will the stencil will fit on. Combinations of different textures, patterns and colors is what we’re all about anyway!
Once the area of the material is large enough, we cut out the pieces. We add the straps, pockets, decorative patches and of course our logo and then we sew the whole thing together!


We are now left with patches, wich are sometimes big enough to fit our smaller stencils (keycahins, chalkbags etc.).



Some of the smallest patches somehow managed to survive untill this stage! If we decide that they are something special, we will do a patchwork project. They are very fun and always look great, but are unfortunately also very time-consuming. 🙂


We hope this has inspired you to start your own recycled project!  🙂 Or if that is not your thing, you can alwaly send your old trousers to us! Just remember to wash them first! 😀

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